My job at the School District

My Job

I work as an IT Support Technician for Escambia County School District. I started in October, 1997. Before that I had been contracted by GE Capital to do the hardware repairs for the District. I was able to work with the technicians for a year and a half before the position at the District itself opened up. They were surprised I actually wanted the position. HeHe But I could see that it is perfect for me. Now that I've got the job, I'm in heaven! I get to drive around in the county van, going from school to school as they have problems. I am responsible for keeping all computers in the schools operating. I deal with the data clerks, secretaries, cafs managers, and teachers, but my tech contacts most often. I get to meet a lot of people who work in and out of the offices. The schools assigned to me are spread out throughout Escambia county. From Yniestra Elementary up to Bratt Elementary, from Cordova Park Elementary over to Molino Park Elementary. I am responsible for 8 of over 60 schools. I work from 7am-4pm, eating lunch on the run. The hours are great for the summer. I still have time to go to the beach after work if I want. The benefits are outstanding, and we get all the holidays that students do. Except for spring and summer breaks. But we get six days at Christmas, paid with no charge against our vacation. I hope I can retire here! Well, this is 2006 now, and my duties have changed a little. Now I take care of only six schools, but I have to install and maintain every computer in those schools. I must be their network administrator as well as train teachers/administrators on how to use the computers. My six schools are Suter Elementary (one of the oldest in Pcola), Cordova Park Elementary (great people there), Lipscomb Elementary (you are a great tech contact Marcey), Molino Park Elementary (long drive!), and my two big ESE schools, Holm Elementary and Escambia Westgate Center. Still love the job though, we have great bosses, Tom and Don. Thanks to them the workload is actually getting to be managable. Update for 2007. Back up to 8 schools, dropped Suter and gained Bratt Elementary (50 minute drive from the office one way) and Jim Allen Elementary.

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