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My Life's Story

Up until now..

I was born in Kittery, Maine in 1965. My father, Frank, was in the Navy. From Maine we moved to San Diego, California (age 1-3). Next we lived in Pearl City, Hawaii (age 3-5). I started kindergarten at the Pearl City Elementary School, failed "Eating Habits" because I wouldn't eat Poi. The last naval base we lived at was Great Lakes, Illinois (age 5-8). I went to Catholic school 1st-3rd grades so I wouldn't have to endure Chicago public schools. The place where most of my growing up happened was a small town in Iowa, Indianola (age 8-18). I graduated from Indianola Sr High in 1983. While in high school I played running back on the varsity football team, and was lead trumpet in the jazz and concert bands. My best friends were Tim Vernon, Chris Clark, Scott Owens, Lynnette Wilkenson, Andrea Fritz and Renee Miller. After graduation I joined the US Army. Went to basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina (8/83-11/83). My AIT was at Corry Station Naval Technical Training Center in Pensacola, Florida (11/93-4/94). I became a Non-Morse Intercept Operator (05K) after completing training. This is where I met my son's mother (ex-wife now) Devona Williams (1/1/84). I went to Ft. Devens, Massachussetts for UHF/VHF training (4/94-5/94). Then came my first overseas assignment, Berlin, West Germany. I have to say West Germany because the Berlin wall was still there (6/84-5/86). There I met a couple who became my best friends Jeff and Linda Derossett. I received orders for Korea after Berlin, with training en route. I went to Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, Texas (6/86-8/86) for Enciphered Communications Analysis training (U1 Trailer). Half way thru the course I was given the option of completing the training and going to Germany again, or dropping it and going to Korea. I chose to complete it and went to Augsburg, West Germany (8/96-7/88). There I saw a woman I'd known in Pensacola who became my best friend ever, Lauri Bosch. I also became good friends with Rhonda Crawford, Debbie McClain and Jamie Ensley. While here I found out that I was a father (Derek Marshman born 2/18/87), I had no idea he was on the way. I married Devona Williams 9/18/88 after leaving Augsburg, en route to Fort Meade, Maryland (10/88-12/91). I worked at the National Security Agency for three years, loved every minute of the job. I had open heart surgery 11/90 to correct Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. The marriage was not working so I separated from my wife and the Army on the same day 12/21/91. The divorce became final on 4/25/94. I moved back to Iowa (12/91-8/96). I worked full time and went to classes at the National Institute of Technology for two years. I received an Associate Degree in Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology in 1993. I worked for Century Systems (3/92-10/93) as service scheduler, inventory specialist, and computer assembler. Moved on to Health Care Expert Systems after getting my degree (10/93-4/94)as a customer support representative. But decided sitting behind a desk was too boring. I started working with Ameridata Technologies, Inc (4/94-10/97) after that as computer repair technician. Much more to my liking, I was able to go to the customer site and dazzle them with my knowledge (heh heh). I worked for the best manager of my life, Daryl Murphy. In 1996 Ameridata became GE Capital, IT Solutions, that year I also decided to transfer from the Des Moines office to the Mobile, Alabama (8/96-10/97) office. My son was only an hour away from that location. After getting tired of commuting to Mobile from Pensacola, I got a job with the Escambia County School District (10/97-?). I am responsible for keeping 8 of the 64 schools up and running on the state network. It's my dream job! I met Nica (Veronica) on my birthday in 1997. We got married October 30, 1998. We had our son Scott Alan II on December 29, 1998. Now I have three children, and love every minute with the kids! That brings you up to date for today. Not very exciting, I know. But it's my life. Some friends may be interested to see where they fit in. Who knows, with time I may make pages for each to describe what each did for me and what they've meant to me. Be watching for those links...

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This is my little athlete, Derek Shane. He makes me so proud!

I've got an ugly mug don't I???

oops.. How did that get in here! HeHe This was my best friend for years, Hey Lauri! Circa 1994.

Here is my life, my family. I wish Derek could have been along for this picture too. But here is Scott, Nica, Jessica, and Little Scott 1999.